Chris Boudreau

Backing Vocals/Guitars/arrangements

A vital part of the “GELDART SOUND” Chris has been a major component of Todd’s inner circle for almost 20 years. His job tasks are everything from engineering and producing to guitar parts, vocal parts, arrangements and everything in between. A fellow prisoner to Rock “n” Roll Chris and Todd have an amazing work ethic and equal admiration and respect for each other that makes it all JUST WORK. Chris is an accomplished songwriter in his own accord and has released his own full length album “No Man’s Land”

Andrew Gregory

Bass guitar

The newest member of the band, Andrew has been a musician for over 20 years and with Todd for 7 of them, playing bass live and on the new Lost and Won album. A
Terrific bassist live and on record, Andrew has the feel and precision required to make a great groove, a personality that makes working live and in the studio pure enjoyment. Andrew is as loyal and dedicated to this music as one could ever be.

Mario Leblanc

Drums and percussion

An original member from the very beginning Mario started with Todd at a very early age and soon evolved into the powerhouse drummer that provided the thick, solid backbeat drumming on many of the great songs in Geldart’s catalogue. He pursued a calling in 2007 to expand his musical desires to more than just drumming and headed out west where he became heavily involved in writing, producing, drumming and the art of recording. Mario now comes back to the band offering an entire new set of skills above and beyond his amazing drumming abilities.

Kathy Colpitts

Background Vocals/ Percussion

The comments have been plenty……….who is that girl doing backgrounds? On most of Geldart’s records he utilizes female backing vocals and Kathy is a mainstay on most of them, she is a small town girl who can churn a sweet smooth sound to a blistering balls to the wall vocal. Tracks like Hollywood ending, Power Between the lines, Jerico Road and many songs on the new release Lost & Won have her signature voice on them. A long time vocalist on her own she has worked live or in the studio for over 15 years with the Todd Geldart band.

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